Saturday, January 29, 2011

Acap's Principle...



Acap's principle states that if someone is not married or engaged yet, then he goes out with a gurl or close to the gurl, so his girlfrend or "kekasih gelap" or "teman tapi mesra" can't be jelaous because based on Acap's principle gf/kekasih gelap/TTM has no right to be jelous, only wife or fiancee can.
 -can be applied to both boy n gurl-

A boy or gurl can't be jelous or "mengongkong" his/her partner. And even worst when this type of words came out- "hey betina, u can't close to my bf...he is my bf...please stay away from him...i'm jelous okay.."
This type of words will make Acap laugh "roller-roller" because once again based on above sttemnt, only wife/husband/fiancee have the right to be jelous.

         In additional, speak bout the loyalty is also will make Acap laugh. HEY, gurls n boys kt luar sane tu !! why u are so loyal to your bf/gf ??...they're only your bf/gf...not your wife/husband/fiancee. Acap tought that we must loyal to our wife/fiancee, but Acap not tought to loyal to his gf !!

Acap's principle is named after the Profesor in Loves, Muhammad Asyraf  (Acap) was published his principle in his blog, ASPIRE on 29/1/2011. hahahaaa !!


JELOUS(bf/gf) = SENGSARA -----1

JELOUS(husband/wife) = BTMBAH SAYANG ----------2

LOYAL(bf/gf) = SENGSARA(t'kongkong) ---------3

 LOYAL(hsbd/wife) = BAHAGIA -----------4

equation 1 and 3,

equation 2 and 4,

**this principle boley d'aplikasikan dlm khidupan....n kpd sape2 y xbrsetuju ngn prinsip nie, harap lupekan je okay...xprlu nk commnt y bukan2..=D**


elmiahmyusup said...

yep, agree 100%..!

mizzlullaby said...

giler kejam gak law nyh ~ i agreed 100% at fers . but read back at "why u r so loyal to your bf/gf??" haha ~ **ayat takde lg rude weyhhh ;P it turns out 2 b 50% ~~~ its about heart bebeyh !. bhahahaha xD

acap said...

el, thankz...aplikasi kn ok..hehe

nad, aku bru dpt prinsip nie bru2 nie....dlu aku jahil sket...n aku xrse ayat aku tu rude...anywy thankz for da cmmnt n ur opinion...=D

ain amira said...

haha... for me, it's 50-50

AJIE said... lah acap!
boleh dpt glaran prof nih.

amri said... siot..skong 100%...=]

acap said...

ain, =D thankz 4 giving ur opinion...

thankz...=D hehe

naim said...

terbaik la dude..bhahahha

acap said...

thankz naim...aplikasi kn..haha !

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