Monday, April 2, 2012

Why and Why ??


Why went we want to choose friends, we always want to friend with a-good looking-hansome guy or a beautiful-sexy girl ?

Why went we want to choose friends, we always want to friend with a rich-modern people ?

Why went we see others wear a stylish-up to date fashion dress, we MUST also change our dressing to stylish-uptodate fashion too ?

Why went others make something bad to us, we MUST revenge what they did to us ?

Why we always keep telling the secrets to others even though we actly should keep it ?

Why we always follow others even though we know that is wrong ?

Why we always pretend to be someone else rather than be ourselves ?

Why we always tend to make money n money rather than save it ?

Why we always keep telling the untruth even though we know it is wrong ?

Why and Why ??

Every questions above have their own answer, but I come with my own answer for all of these questions... The reason is...

-We live in new era, new style, new psychology, new thinking, new generation, and everything is just new, and if we are not follow this new era, we can't survive ! we're dead ! -
That's my answer for all the questions.

Do u think we're really can't survive if we not follow ?? No, I'm still live !

*** countdown ***


queenfateema said...

erm, rasenye lebih suke kawan dengan org y x berape cantik kot...sebab nanti nampak macam aq yang paling cantik...ahahaha, just kiding:)

acap said...

haha, nice jgak tu timah ! haha

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