Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is this a good way of studying ??



juz sitting on the chair, staring at my "long" notes, with listening to some crazy songs, and sometimes my eyes crawling to the screen laptop and replying some comments or this position about half an hour an I'm ready for my test !! 

YEAH !! this is how I'm studying...IS IT A GOOD WAY OF STUDYING ???

Let my test scores speak the answer !! hehe =D

***esok satu test, lusa 2 test, tulat balek rumah...aku nk tulat..haha =D***

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Unknown said...

HAHAHA! Lawak.. Hampir sama la cara kita belajar cuma i tak dpt nak online sgt since xda internet.. ni pun kwn punya line.. hoho.. tapi ok kot, my result pun pretty normal cuma tak gempak ja..

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