Saturday, December 29, 2012

My 2012 Basketball Life. Best ever.


My best ever basketball year goes to this year !! Naik turun naik turun prestasi, but I really2 satisfy with what I have done and what I have achieved. Lots of tournament, lots of trainning and lots of my time I spend to play basketball. Less time with mates and less time with books, loss a one point game, loss a double OT game, loss a gold medal game caused by me, loss a 30+ point game, loss in semi-final and many more. But deep in my heart, I really2 satisfy, I really grateful and thank God with what I have did through this year.

So what I have done through this year ??

Start with Sukan Fakulti Sains Komputer dan Matematik (FSKM) and end with Reebok-Community Basketball League 2012 (Reebok CBL). This is a list of all tournaments that I have played in 2012.

1. Sukan FSKM / Actuarial Science Team / Champions.

2. Sukan Antara Kolej (SUKOL) 2012 / Non-Residence Team / 1st Runner-up.

3. Hoops Station League (HSL) 2012 / QUAKES Team / Group Stage.

4. National Community Basketball League (NCBL) 2012 / QUAKES Team / 2nd Runner-up.

Quakes Team

5. UiTM Malaysia Mens Classic 2012 / UiTM Malaysia Team / 2nd Runner-up.

UiTM Team with JMC Kings Team from Philipina

6. 3on3 Sukan IPT (SUKIPT) 2012 / UiTM Team / 2nd Round.

UiTM (B) Team

7. 3on3 Pesta Sukan dan Kebudayaan Malaysia 2012 / Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS) Team / 1st Runner-up.


8. UiTM Regional Classic 2012 / UiTM Team / Champions.

UiTM Team with gold medal.

9. Karisma 2012 / UiTM Shah Alam Team / 1st Runner-up.

UiTM Shah Alam Team

10. Reebok Community Basketball League (CBL) 2012 / CyberJ Ballers Team / Group Stage.

So that's it ! 10 tournaments in a year. 10 tournaments, 6 medals, I think it should be more than enough.

Special thanks to coaches and mates especially from UiTM and Quakes. They changed me. They make me improve so much. 

Supporters. Thumbs up for them. Cheer all the time.

So, can I say 2012 is my best ever basketball year ?? Absolutely YES !

Next year's target: Play for MASUM, MABA Cup and SAF.

*** Wish me luck for my final exam next week. I need a miracle. ***

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