Monday, June 25, 2012

QUAKES NCBL2012 [Results] 8/7/12


Hai pembaca2 sekalian.

Juz short entry bout my team Quakes Basketball in NCBL 2012.

Season lepas every game aku akan post rsults, but taon nie agak bz sket so xsmpat nk post. So this is the results so far :-

Nie baru Group Stage, dah maen 6 kali, 5 mng 1 kalah. Ade 2 lg game which is WAJIB menang to be the top in the group.

Line up Quakes NCBL 2012 with our new jersey. HOYAS ! ....not in the pic: nizar, izzar, mat, sadiq.

I really2 want to play in division 1 n I hope this season Quakes managed to promote to division 1. HOYAS !

*** 3 days before final exam for my second semester. Wish me luck. ***

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