Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Season.. New Shoes ??



National Community Basketball League (NCBL) juz around the corner....All managers will gather tomorrow to do some discussion n cabut undi for the grouping stage. Hopefully Arions n Phantoms B will be in a same group as mine- QUAKES ! 

Quakes Basketball - this is the FB page for my team, do visit n like..=)

Now, berbalik kpd tajuk entry... New Season... New Shoes ?? Ooohhh hell yeeaa ! Absolutely, there is the new shoes...!! kasut aku y dulu tu y I will fly with my new nike flywire tu sudah hancuuss ! Standard lah, satu season satu kasut..haha =D

Niat d hati nk beli kasut y mahal2, mklum lah, seumur hidup xpenah pkai kasut mhal2, mahal means bratus2 3 ratus 4 ratus 5 ratus n mmikirkan mse hadapan, nk kawin lg, nk beli kete lg, rumah lg, urrmm, trus xjd beli y mhal2...hehe (future wife dah boley take note dah btape bjimat cermat nye bakal suami anda nie) =D

And there is it !! My new Baby ....a.k.a Nike Air Flight Show up !!

I will take care of u baby...=)

Since tu je y paling murah plus menarik phatian plus sedap pakai, maka aku beli lah (actly this shoes is quite expensive ! demmit ! -,-' )

Ade smggu dua je lg before the season start, I need to improve my stamina, my finishing n my passing..HOYAS !

*** Esok nk g Broga ! Yeahh..berbrogaaaa.... ! =D ***

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