Monday, October 1, 2012

QUAKES NCBL 2012 [Full Result]


So, NCBL 2012 telah melabuhkan tirai nya... This is the full result :-

Division 1

Champs : Phoniex
1st Runner-up : ATM
2nd Runner-up : Phantoms
4th place : J3 (A)

Division 2

Champs : Pegasus
1st Runner-up : Hurricanes
2nd Runner-up : Quakes
4th place : CONS

Division 3

Champs : Benchwarmers
1st Runner-up : ADAN
2nd Runner-up : Slashers
4th place : Colossus

Since QUAKES got 3rd place, so we gonna play in Divison 1 next season ! Wohoooooo ! Gonna be very very tough !

From left (sit) : Acap, Kucai, Isk, Jamil, Yin
From left (stand) : Aziz, Ikhwan, Abu, Alem, Dato' , Top, Izzar, Shah, Afiq

Full Results

That's it bebeyh ! :D

Next :- 3on3 IPTA Open--BCBL--Karisma--SAF--MABA Cup.

***Time to face reality. Usaha kena same dgn cita2***

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